The Courage To Tell The Truth

If you were terminated for cause from your previous position for any reason, be upfront about it. Admittedly, this is hard to do and it requires moral strength. Honesty and integrity are character strengths that are valued by all fair-minded employers, and your courage to tell the truth without spinning the facts will gain the respect of the interviewer. If they see self-awareness and accountability in your attitude toward mistakes made, they may choose to give you the opportunity to prove yourself once again. Sincerity can overcome many obstacles.

If you were terminated for circumstances beyond your control, such as global restructuring or downsizing, ensure that you have your termination letter with you. If your ex-employer didn’t provide one, obtain it from the human resources department of the company, or your ex-manager if company policy permits this.

If you left due to a “mutual parting of ways”, clarify what led to your departure. If it was a lack of chemistry with a new manager, differences in opinion of business procedure, their expectations of performance not realized, describe the situation objectively, in few words. Simple honesty communicates clearly to other people, and your sincerity will be transmitted to the interviewer.

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