Be Prepared When You Are Called By A Potential Employer.

You will quickly know if the interviewer is organized or disorganized in their approach. The better interviewers will explain why they are calling and what they want to accomplish. Disorganized interviewers dive right in without asking if you have time to speak, and sometimes they don’t have your resume. Better interviewers will want to know if you have some time to talk to them.

If you are in a noisy room, it is best to ask for the caller’s number and offer to call right back. This way, you can go to a quiet room, compose yourself, have your resume and references handy, and be better prepared to have a positive discussion.

Setting the tone when you call back

By choosing to call back, you show that you want to handle the call professionally. Display an attitude of willing cooperation to provide information for the employer to assess you. After you introduce yourself, ask an open-ended question to determine what the employer wants to accomplish.

“How would you like to proceed?”
“What would you like to know first about me?”
“How can I help you?”

These types of questions signal to the interviewer that you are both ready to give information, and that you want to make the best use of their time. Small courtesies help establish rapport with a stranger on the telephone. A little deference goes a long way to making a positive impression.

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