How Closely Aligned Are Your Goals And The Employer’s?

What motivates you to join the new employer may not reflect what their motivation is to hire you.

Many times, I hear from people who are disappointed with their career progress; what they hoped for in joining a new employer did not come to pass. You may choose to accept an offer of employment because the future seems brighter there and with more chances for advancement. They, on the other hand may be hiring someone to remain static in the position to provide longer-term stability to a department. Clarify your career prospects to make an informed decision.

Ask questions to establish what the future holds:

  • “Where can I progress to within the company in the future?”
  • “What is the next step in my career path from this position down the road?”
  • “What advancement opportunities are there in the future?”

Other considerations when choosing a new employer:

  • Do you identify with what they stand for?
  • What do competitors say about them?
  • What degree of respect have they earned in their particular industry sector?
  • What do former employees have to say about them?
  • How much turnover do they have in the position you are being considered for?
  • Who among your business colleagues have dealt with them as a customer or supplier?
  • How were they treated?
  • How closely do you identify with their corporate mission statement and business philosophy?

You owe it to yourself to make sure that your career expectations are in line with the goals of the company insofar as you can. The interviewing process is like a courtship and the good feelings generated need to be balanced with an objective assessment of the company’s culture, reputation and objectives.

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