Emotional Intelligence And Your Career Progress

Your ability to nurture strong relationships with other people up and down the reporting structure, as well as with outside parties is a key factor in your career progress. It is just as important to develop relationships, as it is to cultivate knowledge and produce results.

With mentors, someone has taken a liking to an aspiring individual, identified with them, and is motivated to see that the person succeeds in their chosen field. The best mentors challenge you to be more than what you are; to reach for new experiences, to improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities; stretching yourself to ensure that your potential is fully defined and developed.

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to empathize, discipline your emotions, and create bonds of trust with people who help you progress along your chosen career path.

It isn’t always the best educated, most experienced or most intelligent person who is chosen for promotion. The people who are promoted most often have learned the art of developing strong relationships with other people. The attitudes they display are positive, collaborative, and they attract support from people in positions of authority. Senior managers are human and are inclined to favour those with whom they’ve created a positive working relationship.

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