Communicating Clearly is A Key Hiring Requirement For Most Employers.

When job duties involve any degree of interaction with customers, internally or externally, the ability to write and speak effectively is essential to your career progress. Employers have these skills in mind when they are interviewing for customer contact positions. Poor communications skills mean fewer opportunities for advancement. Higher positions require more developed communications skills. With the competitive nature of the marketplace, misunderstanding a customer’s needs or technical information often spells the difference between a satisfied customer and lost business.

Some employers are willing to hire someone with less experience but a clearer style of communication. If this is an area of technical weakness, it is very helpful to take additional courses or have plans to upgrade these skills. Take the time to learn the language well because you are in competition with people who have those skills already. Communicate clearly and confidently how you see your experience, skills, and abilities serving the needs of the employer. Focus on how you can solve problems, work with minimal supervision, learn new information quickly, and adapt to new challenges.

Companies want to hire the best communicators to effectively represent their products and services.

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