Inertia – What’s Holding You Back?

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Inertia is a state of mind that’s the equivalent to having a mental flat tire. You’re stuck in your situation if you allow yourself to give up and avoid the work needed to pull yourself up onto your feet, and begin moving however hesitantly forward again.

Sometimes you need to kick-start yourself to regain a sense of forward momentum. There are various ways to do this.

Questions to determine if inertia is holding you back:

▪ Are you flying in a holding pattern, neither advancing nor regressing, treading water and feeling stagnated?
▪ Have your plans and forward movement come to an impasse, and you see no way forward?
▪ Have you lost sight of your previous goals and objectives?
▪ Does everything seem to be at a standstill, and do you have a listless feeling of apathy?
▪ Do you greet the day with the feeling that it isn’t worth the effort to put in efforts towards your goals?
▪ Do you find it difficult to sit down and plan out your daily tasks?

That feeling of standstill, if left to solidify eventually transforms into a complete stoppage of worthwhile efforts. It’s imperative to recognize these warning signs and take concrete steps toward reinvigorating your efforts and your attitudes.

Some ways to get yourself moving forward again:

▪ Realize that this state of standstill does not need to continue indefinitely; it only takes some honest effort and choosing to initiate positive action to start moving again.
▪ Forgive yourself for letting yourself down, and forgive others for letting you down; we’re all human, and we all make mistakes.
▪ It isn’t the falling down that counts; it’s how many times you can get back up, smiling.
▪ Develop the idea of wanting to appreciate the many benefits you have in life, and desire to share your good fortune with others.
▪ Accept the fact that your world does not change unless you’re willing to commit to the process of change, however discomfited that makes you feel.
▪ Accept the challenge to create something new and positive; life affirming and uplifting that moves you to achieve.

Be open to change because it’s the only true constant in life. In a life well lived, there’s little room for complaints, boredom and apathy. Every moment that we are alive is a gift, and we honour that gift by making best use of the time that we have while we’re here.

“Nothing happens until something moves.” –  Albert Einstein

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