Is The Glass Half-Full, Or Half-Empty?


This is just one optimist’s views. We all see life differently.

See this site for some humor on the subject:

What floats your boat?

Optimists experience the same disappointments and setbacks that pessimists do, but they view the events themselves with a fundamental difference: they believe that regardless of appearances, circumstances and conditions happen to learn and grow stronger from.

An optimist inspires you to hope, dream, and to plan for your goals; the pessimist speaks in terms of fear, doubt, and obstructions.

An optimist strives for achievement; a pessimist hopes to avoid disappointment and failure.

An optimist knows that there will be setbacks and disappointments along the way towards achieving their goals, and accepts the sacrifices necessary to achieve them, willingly; the pessimist is angry at obstacles, fears obstructions, and prefers to conserve energy.

Trust opens more doors of experience, creativity, and growth, whereas fear limits, restricts, and obstructs free progress.

Trust opens you up to the world and its wonders; fear isolates and defines rigid boundaries of experience.

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

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